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Research by raven

Wendy Citron, PLCGS

Bringing more to the research table…

Specializing in: Eastern European Jewish * Genetic Genealogy

Family History Projects

Tracing Irish * English * Norwegian * French * Jewish lineages

Colfax, Wisconsin circa 1915; four generations on my maternal line:  Minnie Ann Ferguson (2nd great grandmother), Kermit LaBelle (granduncle), Amy Harrington (great grandmother), Frances Priscilla Caw (3rd great grandmother)
Ashland, Wisconsin circa 1920; Brakeman, Peter Dolan (great grandfather) standing by the cow-catcher of the Odanah Logging Train
Dunn, Wisconsin circa 1910;  Minnie Ann Ferguson (2nd great grandmother) with her sisters
Brooklyn, New York circa 1922; bottom row left – Annie Freundlich (great grandmother) with her husband Abraham Citron and her family. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania circa 1939; Yente Babel Shulman (2nd great grandmother), with son Abraham Glassman behind her (great grandfather), at her youngest son’s wedding.
Jersey Shore, New Jersey circa 1910; Harry Shuster (2nd great grandfather) with daughter Celia Shuster (great grandmother), and their family.


Among all the clues lies a story waiting to unfold. I began family history as a teenager and over the years developed a special interest in creating my family tree. As an avid hobbyist, I attended countless workshops and participated in highly specialized conferences, finding myself spending hours at the computer in attempt to uncover new discoveries. I began doing other people’s genealogy just for fun and sought after volunteer opportunities to offer my expertise to others. At which point I felt the need to level up my skill set. I spent two years honing those skills at The International Institute for Genealogical Studies where I earned my Certificate in Genealogical Studies with a focus on Eastern European Research and Genetic Genealogy.


As a highly skilled and dedicated genealogist with expertise in a wide range of family history research areas, I specialize in Eastern European Jewish genealogy. My experience in genetic genealogy includes using DNA analysis to help people find their biological connections. I have conducted extensive research in New York, Philadelphia, and Wisconsin and have personal experience with Irish Canadian, English, Norwegian, and French immigrant genealogy. Rediscovering the forgotten tales of the Jewish people is a big part of my personal mission. In addition to my work as a genealogist, I serve on the Data Acquisition Team of JewishGen’s Ukraine Research Division. My commitment to giving back to the genealogy community is apparent in the work I do to help others discover their heritage.  I am also a mother of three, outdoor enthusiast, and a mixed media artist.

Wendy Citron, PLCGS

Professional Genealogist